On the Kendal Journey

Stories from a retirement community in the time of Covid-19


Welcome to “On the Kendal Journey”.

My primary intention with this blog is to provide a chronicle of the changes occurring at Kendal, my retirement community, during this critical period of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Kendal is a community that prides itself on the friendliness and openness of its residents, and on the many close relationships among them, so I am also interested is seeing how that characteristic manifests itself throughout this crisis, given the competing need to protect ourselves from the virus.

I also hope that others (at Kendal and beyond) will submit comments and send me potential “guest posts” about the issues we are facing, the toll it is taking, and the unexpected positive aspects. I hope to hear from you!

Note: this blog represents my own opinions and not those of the Kendal administration or anyone else. If you find errors or statements that need correction, please let me know. I will be glad to update the blog as needed.

Also: When I write “Kendal” in this blog, I mean specifically Kendal at Longwood, my retirement community. Please see the page “Three meanings of the name ‘Kendal’” for more information about the name of my community and the names of the organizational layers it is part of.

— George Alexander