On the Kendal Journey

Stories from a retirement community in the time of Covid-19

Three meanings of the name “Kendal”

The community now known as Kendal at Longwood was started by a group of Quakers in 1971. It was simply called “Kendal”. It was soon joined by a second community, Crosslands, on an adjacent plot of land and under common management. Over the following decades, a variety of other communities were added to the Kendal family, each locally managed. To distinguish the original “Kendal” from the rest, it took on the name Kendal at Longwood, which is used in contexts where there might be confusion.

That history has left us with three entities that can be called “Kendal”. We residents of Kendal at Longwood still refer to our community as “Kendal”. The management structure we share with Crosslands (and with two nearby smaller communities, Conniston and Cartmel), is known as “Kendal-Crosslands Communities” (KCC). The non-profit corporation to which all the Kendal locations belong is known as “The Kendal Corporation” (Kendal Corp).

When I use the word “Kendal” in this blog, you can assume I mean Kendal at Longwood. I’ll be more specific if the context requires it.

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