On the Kendal Journey

Stories from a retirement community in the time of Covid-19

About “On the Kendal Journey”

This blog is an experiment in communication.

Kendal at Longwood, the retirement community where I live, offers a variety of ways for its residents to communicate. Some of them (meetings, bulletin boards, our “open mail boxes” for written notices, the monthly print newsletter) have been rendered unusable by the restrictions required by Covid-19. We can’t meet; we can’t go to the Center to see the bulletin boards; putting notices in the the open boxes (or retrieving notices from them) is only possible two days a week, and the newsletter has had to cease publication.

Our resident-run website is turning out to be an essential channel of communication (as is our in-house cable TV channel, for those without web access). Emergency messages can be broadcast via a phone-message system. Zoom software is rapidly becoming a replacement for in-person meetings and social gatherings.

But perhaps there is also a role for a medium where longer stories can be posted. I’m hoping this blog will help to fill that role. It can be a place to preserve the story of our shared experiences in a very unusual time.

I’ll write about what life is like for my wife, Jan, and me. To other residents, I say: please submit posts from your perspective too. This blog is meant to be a community tool.

— George Alexander

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