On the Kendal Journey

Stories from a retirement community in the time of Covid-19

Owen’s basic criteria for a model cottage

  • Beauty—inner spaces and external views are inviting (considering Japanese miniature or larger vistas)
  • Light and air—windows maximize daylight illumination, allow outdoor air to flow through cottage, and provide views to a green world outside
  • Heating/cooling systems—energy efficient state-of-the-art, unobtrusive, quiet
  • Insulation—cracks sealed, ceiling and walls insulated to-the-max, construction efficiency tested with pre and post energy audits
  • Interior layout—available spaces maximized in ways that give feelings of openness
  • Restoration of nature—reconstruction of cottage increases the vitality of the living world around it
  • Energy production—rooftop solar panels (if site allows solar collection)
  • Stormwater—seek ways to mitigate existing conditions with best management practices
  • Cost of move—given the benefits to Kendal of incoming new residents, compensation to residents moving to one-bedrooms will be given
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