A guest post by Kendal resident Arlene Rengert

Some members of my family watch football.  I don’t.  Some also watch basketball.  I don’t.  When they watch a game they watch the whole thing, even if it is over and they have taped it.  (We still have a tape of the game in which the Eagles won the Superbowl back in 2018, saved for an adult son who was out of the country at the time and asked us to save it for him to view later.)

These days I watch several news programs and press conferences a day, and I find myself finally understanding someone who wishes to follow the process of score development rather than just learning which team wins.  I want to know what Dr. Fauci says when it is broadcast, and when each Governor calls for a lock down (or doesn’t), and which well-known and well-protected celebrity has been diagnosed with the disease and how they are doing …. especially John Prine and Chris Cuomo and other personal favorites. I wish to exclaim when I learn that people trapped on the presently infected cruise ship boarded it in MARCH when dangers were known, and when I hear of the pastor who continues to hold services in his megachurch.  If and when there is good news, I will be able to cheer in the moment!

I am an active spectator, and presently just that.  But if there comes a time when I am infected I will have witnessed the plays and known what the coaches have called along the way.