I have written previously about the project headed by Rex du Pont to figure out a way to assign every independent-living cottage to one of 11 (now 12) “neighborhoods”.  The project has been very successful. The neighborhood leaders meet weekly on Zoom, and the neighborhood structure has been valuable in various ways, including making sure everyone has a mask.

Gradually, the neighborhoods are adopting names. One of the first to be named was “Lake District”, an obvious choice for what was, until then, designated “Neighborhood #9”.

Arlene Rengert has written about the challenges, and the fun, of coming up with a name for what had been “Neighborhood #4” (it is now “Crossroads Village”). The neighborhood (which happens to be mine as well as Arlene’s) had a good time emailing back and forth about the two dozen names that were proposed, shared, and argued over before the final choice emerged.

At this point (to the best of my knowledge) 8 of what have become 12 neighborhoods (former Neighborhood #6 is now two neighborhoods) have adopted a name.

Here’s a table showing the neighborhood names and associated cottage numbers. I have checked with neighborhood leaders, and I believe the table (and the following map) are correct as of May 6.

Seven Acres79-103
2 Dozen Cousins184-198, 218-224
Baycliff Square67-78
Beautiful Day123-133, 145-162
Brigg Heights14-22, 45-65
Cottage Edge273-299
Crossroads Village104-122
Friendship Mews163-171
Lake District94-95, 134-144, 199-206
Up-Top Café1-13, 23-44
Woods Edge249-272

The map below shows the neighborhoods and their names.

Most recent update: 11-4-20.