I hope you will participate in the review of potential Kendal revitalization plans that is happening at 9 a.m tomorrow on Zoom. (Zoom link information is available on the Kendal home page.) The session will last an hour and a half. 

This is our first chance to see the ideas that the architectural team has come up with. 

Based on watching the corresponding event at Crosslands this afternoon, I think you will find it very interesting. In the Crosslands case, the architects presented a set of different possibilities, all carefully thought through, for various future configurations of the campus. In some cases, the ideas involved replacing existing buildings with new ones. The presentation took a very long view–some of the options discussed would clearly not happen for many years (if ever) but they could have a lasting impact on the feel of the place. 

I was glad to see that the architectural team really did pay close attention to the information they received from the Crosslands charrettes, and I’m sure they did the same for ours, so you will see the fruits of those discussions in many of the ideas to be presented tomorrow. 

If you have forgotten the details of what came out of the charrettes, let me recommend the following two blog posts: 



The first summarizes the “what goes where” preferences expressed in the charrettes, and the second touches on three aspects of campus planning that the charrettes didn’t address but that will be important as we decide what should be done. The first post also has links to the architects’ Powerpoint presentation that summarized the charrettes and to the video in which they presented it. 

I hope to see you there tomorrow morning!