In response to a question at the meeting of the Kendal Residents Association today (March 13), Seth Beaver promised a diagram showing exactly where the proposed footprint of the healthcare expansion project would be, to be posted in the Center within a week or two. Seth’s diagram will be the official answer to the question, of course. But I realized that some of the questions residents have could be answered by a much cruder diagram.

What I have done is to overlay the outline of both the current and expanded healthcare wing on top of a Google Earth image of the current building and its surroundings. I traced the outlines from documents that were shared last summer. Those documents did not show the surrounding area, but with the outlines superimposed on a Google image, you can get a good idea of the context. In the image, you can see a rough approximation of where the proposed expansion will be, relative to the existing features of the area: parking lot #1, the Dog Park and its trees, and the Blueberry Meadow.

In the image above, the solid lines represent the outlines of the Center as it is today. The dashed lines represent the proposed healthcare expansion, traced from a previously-published diagram. Those outlines are superimposed on a Google Earth image of our campus.

I can’t guarantee that the diagrams I used as the basis for this image are the final, definitive versions. Some details could have changed since last summer, so please wait for Seth’s diagram for that. I the meantime, though, I hope this will be helpful, at least in a general way.